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PTO clutch pressure, 2188

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rebuilt pto unit on my 2188. Everything new, teflon rings, piston packings, clutches, everything.

I did not check the pressure before I tore it apart, I wish I would have.

After rebuild, I teed in a guage and it was exactly 200.

My service manager says 200 is minimum spec., it lists no maximum.

Same unit as tractors, we turn them up to 250-300.

The fuel is hopped up so I don't want to smoke my new clutch. So I turned in the regulator 2 turns, now its 280. Is this too much? What is the maximum recommended? I can't believe Case doesn't list a max spec.
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What was the flow at 200? The flowmeter is the more important tool for this test, the pressure guage is secondary.
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