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Pull wires in concaves

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Run 60% corn and 40% beans on a 2388. Does anyone pull wires on their concaves? Every other one on all the concaves or just on certain concaves?

Putting on Gordon bars on the first 4 rows and heard to pull every other wire on all and put on a cover plate on the first and front half of the second concave for beans.

What works the best of others to get more capacity and still keep a clean sample?
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case offers round bar grates and they work very good. it keeps rotor from building up with trash in corn runs easier and still gives you a good sample. kuchar also builds them and around us people love them it would be worth checking into good luck
I have been rebuilding and hard-facing concaves for over 25 years and it has been my practice to leive all the wires in #1 concave( thrashing happens here) and remove everyother wire in # 2 & #3 concave. My customers are mainly corn & soy bean harvesters, and this set up works fine. If you have some wheet to harvest you can put 3 cover plates on- 2 on the front concave and 1 on the front of # 2. Be sure you have good square edges on your concave bars (1500 -1800 hours) or less to get a good thrash and a clean sample. If you have any questions you may call me any time. 765-891-1722 Thanks Donnie
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