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Also, changing your swing in and swing out times can have a affect on the point that the unload auger will engage. Tom is correct on the controller counting from 0 to 100, and the other side of the question gets even more interesting, her we go, have any 50 series through 70 series operators ever have the folowing happen??unload auger in the transport positon, light on
then you swing out the auger and the light goes out and the auger won't engage????the system is based on time, and hyd. flow, I'e factory swing times are based on 16 seconds out and 18 seconds in, these times are adjustable, through various addresses, what causes the auger too come out of sequence? engine not running full throttle which causes decreased oil flow, or a operator that uses manual in or manual out too top off trucks ,carts etc. this results in decreased seconds too swing in and out the auger. example, auger out time 16 seconds, operator toggles manual control too top off a trailer for 2 seconds, now instead of 18 seconds to retact we only get 16 seconds , which can result in a auger not fully retracted, how does the sequence get messed up, usuallya operator reacts, and hits the auto in button , now the combine thinks the auger is in the opposite postion, and the light and the engage are opposite.How do we keep it simple????remember this , on 9500-9610 98 years deere used a position switch, 99 and newer use a time based module or controller,when you see the functions reversed on the 50-70series, do the following, manually swing the auger in, first detent of swing switch, when auger is home depress the auto in switch twice back too back, this will rest the count for auger swing and will reset the latch point for engagement, hope this helps. deerefever.
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