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Theory of Operation
To engage the unloading auger, the following must be true:

Combine is in FIELD mode
Operator is in seat
The unloading auger engage system allows the operator to engage the unloading auger drive. The unloading auger engage switch is a push-button switch on the multifunction control handle. An indicator light in the multifunction control handle shows the operator that the unloading auger is engaged.

If the unloading auger is swung out less than approximately 25%, the auger will remain engaged only as long as the button is pressed. If the unloading auger is swung out more than approximately 25%, the auger will engage and latch on when the button is pressed. It will remain engaged until the button is pushed again. The latch point is adjustable. (Refer to Section 240 - Electrical System - Machine Setting Addresses. )

Control unit CAB monitors the status of the auger engage switch and the seat switch. It broadcasts this information in a CAN Bus message. Control unit RCU reads this message and engages the auger engage solenoid.

The mechanical drive for the unloading auger is engaged by the auger engage solenoid valve located on the pressure regulator valve on the engine gearcase. For hydraulic operation of the unloading auger engage system see Section 275 - Main Gearcase System – Unloading Auger Drive Diagnostics .

When the unloading auger system is engaged, a CAN Bus message is sent to the Engine Control Unit to allow power boost if the combine is power limited. This horsepower boost will minimize the effect of the additional unloading auger system load on the combine performance.

RCU 123 _ _ _ _ _ n n n DISPLAY/MODIFY: Unloading auger
position where engagement latches ON.

Range = 0-100

0 = fully retracted

100 = fully swung out
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