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First off, your 8820 fix up was great. Any way, I farm here in central LA and reading your replies below you mentioned an out fit that farmed several thousand ac in LA. Next door to me at Hamburg, there is a concern out of Fulton that borders me on a 1800 ac tract. Reams Farms, have spoke to Ed, and a Billy Batts. They claim to work around 24K up in KY, 2K by me and another 4K about 2hrs north of me. 7 9760's and 1 9860 and NO junk. All top of the line, but never home. Are these guys truly farmers or are they simply collecting payments, rolling equipment and having fun doing it with someone else's $ or are they making it one their own. Just wondering since I see them up close on occasion. I am not knocking them for what works for one guy doesn't work for the next. I just don't want to farm far enough away to have to haul a tractor.
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