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Question on the Titan combines

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I don't know if this problem is specific to the Titan series or also the newer ones but this 7721 pull type I have recently acquired has a really bad chaff trap that seems almost impossible to clean out without disassembling the combine.
When I remove the plastic covers over the rear straw walker crankshaft on the outside of the body, there is a buildup of chaff and grain in the cavity that extends right down to the bottom of the sheet metal. Water has got in since the machine sat outside on the dealers lot, although it could also be from some over zealous pressure washing. Consequently there is some wet , rotting material trapped between the double walls of the body that I can't get out. I"m considering cutting some cleanout holes on the inside of the body panels so I can get an air compressor gun in there to blow the dust out in the future so it never builds up that bad again.
I figure if I don't it will eventually rust through the body anyway since the material can't get out of the machine and will lay there and rot and rust.
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Very common to find the rear hood rusted out behind the decals on the 20 series. Seems to be worse on the Titian II's, maybe thinner metal. I've seen Titian II's that have been shedded since new with bubbles behind the decals. They just get washed and maybe caught out in a few rain storms over the years and the crap gets wet and rusts the tin. Its so common that the top rear hood and lower inner and outer side panels are available new aftermarket for the 20 series combines. The new hoods are of a open design, no place to trap trash. Deere's engineers were sure not thinking ahead when they designed the rear hoods on these machines.
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