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Steering cylinders and or stops must be allowing spindle to go a bit overcenter. I don't think you will have adjusting screws for this so you would have to weld on thicker pad. Be sure to shorten the cylinders to prevent pressure against these pads when making full steer. Spindle should just clear pad when in a full steer for this prevents excess pressure on tie rods. I suppose it would be good idea to drop spindles out to check for badly worn bushings ect. I see some of these about stuck for they never seen a drop of grease since predelivery. We allways jack up rear frame to grease center pivot and spindles to be sure the grease can get to where it should be. We also will roll over the wheels to listen for noisy bearings while in the air. Its surprising how many times we find we saved a field failure of bearing and what ever else it takes out when it fails.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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