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R52 gleaner combine

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I know in most axial rotary's most people use filler plates for soybeans and wheat, but do you use them in the gleaner transverse???

We do corn, soybeans, and wheat
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For soys and wheat. Generally we use two or three filler bars at bottom of the adjustable threshing concave (where the crop first enters the processor). Although for hard to thrash hard red I think we should try using maybe four or five.
For corn we take them out.
Well, as with any combine it can be a love/hate relationship. However overall this machine (with over about 15000 acres harvested) is just getting better with the changes we have made in the past three years. Many original parts and bearings. Only wish we had waited a couple more years before the purchase. We pull the rotor out annually as it can be on the ground in 20 minutes or less. For soys I wish we would have gotten the 18 foot flex head as I find that ground speed gives a smoother flow into the machine when things get a little tougher. Maybe a 1997 machine with more hp could handle it better. One thing I would say is in hind sight is that we likely should have changed the helicals a little sooner. pj
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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