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Brother has early R60 --- Cessna Engine Pump (vs two part gear pump) and the hydro has apparently been changed (prior to his ownership) from the original Dennison to Sunstrand. He has owned the machine since 94 and it never did act correctly regarding lever movement relation to hydro activity -- (replaced cable, it did slightly help, but still sluggish)

Last day of Wheat harvest 2014 -- machine quit moving forward -- would back up. - changed usual -- oil/filters / checked screen on suction line -- nothing out stood out as 'unusual' --

limped machine home -- with header on -- hydro would move forward in low range, road gear -- not ---- when it 'faltered' -- lowering the table/header would 'speed the forward speed substantially' --

Other functions appear to work fine -- separator clutch (low pressure I think) - steering/unload auger swing

Brother would like to trade machines, but dealer not willing to even talk till they know what is involved ---

From what I have been told by several different people --

The issue is probably the hydro unit -- but -- there were several different versions of how to handle charge oil to unit and may be trash in valve body

Has anybody got the specs on how to verify charge oil? (pressure/volume) I do have a flow meter and can rig up test gauges.

We have several N6 machines (junkers) with good hydro's -- from what I've been told they are 'Dennisions' --

Has anybody swapped from N6 level to R60 level? Understand the attaching plate to the actual gear transmission is different -- but obviously can be moved with hydro unit.

Many Thanks for any input/suggestions.

Also, dealer support is non existent for the R60. --- Guy that could troubleshoot (x dealer) does not have transport. --
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