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R62 Rotor Removal

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Will be removing rotor for first time and would like a sort of step by step process with any and all helpful hints appreciated. Currently has the OEM 8 bar rotor. This machine is used almost strictly in corn and beans. Have been reading about the enclosed rotors, CDF's and such. Opinions appreciated in this regard also. Thanks so much.
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We changed from OEM to a Sunnybrook. It made a different machine of it. Check out for more info. A forklift is real handy for taking rotor out and in.
Not hard to do on the removal side. Take side shield down, remove chopper belt, unhook cylinder speed sensor undo bolts for inspection door and around the big stop sign. Go in through cage with a 3/4" bar and hook onto a spider and pull sideways until cylinder pops off drive shaft. I was able to do it myself fairly quickly. Once out a foot or so used loader/forklift/skidsteer, to hook a chain onto top bar and slowly pull out until about half way. Then used whatever system and chained cylinder to the loader or forks and slowly backed it out, a second set of eyes helps, you have a bit of clearance but not much. To reinstall reverse procedure, biggest issue is getting shaft and coupler splined, may need 2 people one in hopper one in engine bay for this. make sure to check the coupler for wear much easier to change now than later usually its the coupler and shaft is fine but not always.

good luck
Also, when reinstalling it helps to have the rotor with one bar positioned at 6 o'clock then draw up the concave to zero. With one person applying pressure on the rotor with a bar through the cage and another rocking the gearbox pulley to line up the splines it should slide right in...
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