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I found a pretty nice R72 so I decided that I'm going to sell my P3 R70. Its in decent condition, don't expect a gem but it did cover a lot of wheat ground for me this summer. I've put a LOT of new belts, bearings and pulleys on it, along with a new alternator and ac compressor. It's originally a northern machine and the man I bought it from had said that it was shed kept for most of it's life until he had upgraded his combine as well. steer tires in good condition. 30.5-32 drive tires have some cracks in them. Engine runs great and separator seems ok. Kinda high hours 5168/4708 but would make a decent combine asking $8500 OBO . Send me a message or call 731 780 0024.

Pic is it running in wheat this past July
MORE PICS ON POST IN GLEANER FORUM!!! (I'll add them to this post when I get home to my computer)

Forgot to mention, has a damaged spot on back left side (see pic)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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