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R72 M11 Cummins Cutting Out

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I have a R72 with a M11 Cummins. The engine cuts out now on a persistent basis. I started out to be a random issue and now it is happening at least once a minute. I changed both filters when it first started happening, so that cannot be the cause. We quit using it when it got bad and have parked it, now that wheat is done we need to get it figured out before beans. Does anybody have any ideas before I call the Cummins guy out?

I get good flow of diesel to the first filter from the tank, I have not tested any pressure at the pump. It cuts out for a second and comes back, whether at idle or under full throttle.
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these units have a problem with the wiring to the injectors that goes through the rocker cover, as well as the internal wires to the injectors, the connection at the rocker to the main harness deteriorates and oil gets into the internal wiring as well, likely gonna have to change them out
thanks, I'll check that out and post back on here with what I find.
There's a relay and 2 circuit breakers by the bottom of the rad accessible from the ground. Ours had a wire broken on a spade connector in the plug in that goes to the relay.
not very familiar with the m11 but if it has a fuel shut off solenoid it could be bad. i have a 5.9 that would do the same thing. the solenoid would engage to start the tractor, but after running for a few seconds (30 or less) it would be like i shut the switch off and die.
Check wires to fuel sensor in the fuel rail Mine was a bad sensor that acted just like you turned off the key and turned it back on again. back then it cost over $300.
Well, I went back in the engine compartment, wiggled some wires, unplugged and plugged the sensor on the main rail. I noticed the ether line was broke, maybe the turbo was pushing air out of it? Anyway, I plugged the fitting for the ether line so it wouldn't leak anymore, and the combine runs like a charm. It could have been the wiggling of wires and the plugging in of the sensor, but I lean towards it being the broken ether line.
It is fairly common for the engine harness to lay on fuel lines and eventially wear threw line or harness. You may have reposioned harness just enough to prevent wire from starting contact with pipe. Have very close look at this when you get a chance
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