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SO much talk, so many rumors. Heres what I know, and what I want out to keep people interested in the Gleaner combines.
1) The machine is listed as R86 such as A66 A76 A86 now you have all the R's
2) Bigger diameter rotor, how much not for sure
3) Bigger accelerator roll to move more grain. (If you don't like AGCO put in the Gibsons they will last 3 time longer)
4) From a guy that put considerable time in operator seat it will out perform a R76 with a 30 foot 7200 head (R86 with 40 foot dynaflex) by 35%. He had paper from GTA to back it up.
5) It is not running the 7 cylinder Sisu as of yet, but someday may.
6) It is running the same motor as a tractor with the add blue e3 technology
7) Horsepower 400 horse give or take (don't know if they are dead set on the exact number yet.)
8) Chopper area is different the rise before the impellor or chopper is flat. (Imagine that you don't have to force the material up a hill to get to the chopper) Hear that relived several hp. Other changes there not quite sure of.
9) Operator told me had to blow the radiator and air cleaner never at all. Was with the machine all year. Weird changes back there but for the better it seems.
10) This will not be called a class 8 machine that is were super 7 came from. HP will not put it in that class. But who care if it a class 12. The machine ran against a 9870 in 120 bushel barley (36 foot on the 9870) The R86 with a 40 wallked along side him all day long him all day and had a way better sample the job on the ground was better.
11) Has been ran in beans with outstanding results. Flexdraper is new but working very well. Just like anything new top to bottom there are bugs but they are minor.
12) The R86 is not new to top and bottom, it has just had money put to the R series. Money and time that has been sunk into the machine for 30 years from alot of loyal Gleaner guys (NDDAN in particular John Keller). I appreciate everybodys work on the Gleaner side of things contrary to what you read they are a very good machine, but a machine that gets no attention falls behind, well were not behind we were merley catching our breathe.

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Thanks for the update wheaty75. Sounds good, although I don't see how there is that big a difference between the 76 and it unless the 76 is running an auger header. But I hope it works out good. Never would have cared much before this year, but after owning one I sure do like them. Oh I just noticed that the 76 was running the auger header so I guess those numbers would make sense.
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