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got a chance to run a 8010 a few days last week in wheat ... had to take the deal

they had two 8010s both running the same headers i do on my 2388... 36' honeybees

crops had some hail damage and were being cut very low to the ground2-3"... average were around 30

i sure liked the bigger cab over the 2388 and the combine seamed more steardy with the same header on it, same tires on both

as for noise i found the 8010 cab quieter than the 2388 and less feeder house grunting and drum noise... probally due to a bigger feeder house

also found less restrictons for material to enter the feeder house on logged and weedy areas of the feilds

i would give the better visabilty to the 8010 as well... the skinny pillar on the right side of the cab is a real bonus

liked the color monitor and the bigger assorment of data to be looked at on the 8010 over the 2388 (hp usage and so on)

found the hydro to be almost as strong as the 2388s with the bigger hopper(300bu versus 350) had a concern about this in hilly feilds

now i did find it harder to keep a clean sample in the tank than the 2388... and was a concern as well for the other operator... lot more emphaze on rotor rpm and concave clearence, and grain moisture from what i seen

also found the 8010 with the chopper to almost cut the straw to a fine pulp or make it look very similar to chaff... might have a concern with to much fine material in the tire tracks... the 2388 with out the chopper i found to give a longer more even spread, i could be wrong

found this combine to be very stong in most areas and as good on fuel as my 2388 tobout, very stout machine

the owner of the two 8010s said the previous year he had three 2388s and was averaging around the 200hrs a year with 30'auger heders... this year it was looking to be about the same hrs or slightly less hrs with two 8010s, ...crop conditions were slightly better the year before

now i ran the 8010 up to 120percent of its power
for more than most of my time in the seat... i have a fealing this combine could handle a lot more hp... hp was the main reason for the limiting output, not seperator capacity.. or throwing over concerns....

now the owner did mention their was a chain he replaced on both machines at the 150hr mark, 10 minute job that was wore out, other than that both machines ran good

my 2388 is 05 afx and i have the hp turned up a large amount... to date i know i am doing some premature wearing on belts and other increased hp wear problems, but have never had any problems in the years i had the machine other than replacing the spreader spider gears and the return 50 series chain(stupid system)

as for capicity of the 8010 over my 2388 i did not seen much of a advantage, maybe a bit in the logged and weedy parts but other than that, i know mine would very close, and easyier to make a clean sample, as for putting out the back the conditions we had were hot and dry and both combines i would guess did a great job, might be a lot different story in tought wetter conditions

now for a stock 2388 to compare i can see a 30 percent increase by the 8010, because i can see the increase on mine over the stock 23s

to bad the price of the 8010s are that much, looks like the bugs are working out over the first few years, hope to someday have one
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