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Doing some research on enclosed rotors such as sunnybrook, precision and st. john. All have their distinct features but the most interesting one is the st john that uses standard P3 style high profile rasp bars that are mounted perpendicular to the radius of the rotor in other words they are not tilted forward as the cdf or open P3 rotor. They claim this reduces horsepower requirement over the cdf or open P3. I have noticed the old P1 rotors with their angled 'rub' bars were tilted forward also and was wondering if the P3 with its smaller disk sections was simply made with this same tilt and it has not been questioned since. Any thoughts as to whether this tilt is necessary or just an old carryover from an earlier age? Maybe st. john is onto something. Maybe a wedge spacer for cdf rotor bars to remove the tilt would be a worthwhile pursuit.
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