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I have the Raven Autoboom powerglide on my 2008 Apache 1010 using the Raven 4400 rate controller. The autoboom has work great up until now. Once i complete herbicide application, I take the Autoboom wheels off the spray boom to spray fungicides in wheat and canola. I usually take them off for fungicides, and just disable the autoboom/powerglide feature in the Raven 4400 controller. However, everytime i turn on the headland, or manually raise or lower one side of the boom the autboom feature turns itself back on. Its impossible to spray with this feature turned without the boom wheels, as it is looking for the tires to hit ground to level the boom. As a result the boom tilts wildly from left to right, one side hitting the ground while the other side is 10 feet in the air. So far my only solution is to keep shutting it off as i spray. Any solutions? Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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