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Re: 1688 vs 1460s

That depends a lot on what ground speed you are running at. We usually run between 3.5 and 4.5 in soybeans. Slower when there are green stems, faster once we've had a good frost.

Lets assume an average cutting width of 24'.

(MPH x 5280 x 24) / 43560 = Acres per hour

3.0 MPH = 8.7 Ac/Hr
3.5 MPH = 10.2 Ac/Hr
4.0 MPH = 11.6 Ac/Hr
4.5 MPH = 13.1 Ac/Hr
5.0 MPH = 14.5 Ac/Hr

These numbers don't account for time when you aren't cutting such as when you are turning around at the ends.

At 5 MPH, a 1020 flex head will still do a pretty good job. At 5.5 it will look a little shaggy, and a 6 it will look pretty bad. If you have low yields, you can push at the faster speeds, but if you are in 50+ bushel soybeans, you'll be driving a little slower.

Going from a 60 series to the 80 series, you are really going to like it. The larger diameter rotor seems to act a lot better. We were really impressed when we made the switch from 1660s to our first 80 series, a 1688. We wished we had made the swap years earlier.

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