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Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?

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Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?

if you are happy with your 9760 on the 1293, i would say that you won't have much of any problems with the 9860 on the 612c, only one question, is the 1293 stalkmaster or not?

one issue you may have is the 9860 doesn't have the new hd lift cylinders and that 612c stalkmaster weighs in at about 9300lbs. vs the 1293 at about 7300lbs

i have heard complaints of a combine with direct drive not turning the stalkmaster knives fast enough to do a good job, you may also have to install a speed up kit in the chain case

no experiences, just what i have heard
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Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?

I ran a 9870 and 612c stalkmaster this year and have run 9860's previous. First of all we had a 16-30 head on the 9860 and had to add two lift cylinders to pick it up where the 9870 would pick it up with the factory lift. The 612 weighs about as much as are 16 row did so don't think a 9860 will pick it up without adding cylinders. As far a power goes most of the time the 9870 didn't pull down but in healthy wetter corn it took all it had to run the head so depending on the situation the 9860 would be a concern on horsepower. good luck.
Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?


Were you satisfied with the capacity of the 9870? What is your experience with the post before your about the knives not turning fast enough?

There still seems to be some question as to whether the Geringhoff concept or the lawn mower type blade is better.

We just ordered 2-9870's with 612C StalkMaster heads but we made the deal based on what they would buy them back for if we were not satisfied.
Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?

We just had a customer demo a 612C 12r 30 with no problems this was on a 05 9760,we only had to crank the pump up so it would lift it, as it would not lift that heavy of a header,no problems with power at all as they were running a 893 before hand,went to the 12r with absolutley no problems, as far as performance the deere does twice the job as competitors,we had customers with gerringoff heads and the deere does twice the cutting job and half the trash is going down through the stalk rolls and not into the combine like the gerringoff.
Re: 612 Stalkmaster on 9860?


It wasn't that the 9870 wasn't an improvement over a 9860 but the capacity of the shoe area is still to small. Otherwise I was pleased with the performance of the machine.

For the guy running the 9760 on the 612 stalkmaster it must have been really dead dry stalks that he was running in because in the start of the season when things are tougher there is no way that will have enough ponies to run that head. I ran the 612 all season and there were times the 9870 was giving her all she had. I will agree that the chopping was impressive but they have some severe windrowing issues to deal with cause the 612 throws all the trash to the right side of the head and will make for a real mess next spring. We put little curtains under each row to hold some of it back and it helped but wonder what deere will do about this when in full production.
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