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Re: 8010

we are running two 05 8010s in place of 3 2388s and our maintance costs per acre are exactly the same. Works out to about $3.25/acre on or farm.I do realize parts costs and shop rates are up too. Here are our Biggest issues:#1-Watch your feeder chains,we find that one will stetch and start to jump on sprocket,(usually while reversing a plug)if you dont catch it in time it will break the chain. we cant seem to get more than 400 hours without trouble.we run draper headers so our feeder speed is not adjustable. once the chains stretch to differant lengths you are beat. we tryed swapping chains side to side at 200 hrs but just pust the problem off for a little while(and who wants to be fooling with chains when you can be combining) has anyone tryed the new one pc chain in a 8010? how was it
#2-Wear in return processor panels/weld joints-both our 05"s have worn holes in the joints of the return processor housing-once there is a hole it opens up very qoickly (the first time it happened to us it was loosing so much grain it showed up on the yeild moniter between combines)
#3-feeder slip clutch..there was a update to put a multidisk clutch in instead of the radial pin type and we seem to go thru 1 or 2 clutches a year-but the new disk clutch is a capacity improvement over the radial pin type
#4-tensioner pivots wear too quickly.they have no grease nipples. we have replaced the tensioner pivots for the elevator drive chain twice (have to grind off old shaft and weld in a ner stub shaft) we had to change the whole mount for the tensioner pulley on the return drive (lift the whole tho off the ruturn and change the arm and mounting bracket) we have replaced the bushings in both choppper belt tensioner arms #5-rub bars are worn out in i seasons use
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