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Re: 9660 sts

At a 1000 sep hours shoe auger bearings and pitman arm bearings should have been replaced, if not the bearings are still green.
The feed chain is probably due. You can tell by looking under the feed drum. If the middle chain is saging, it needs replacing. Any bent slats?

It depends a lot what those machines have harvested. An STS that has been in soybeans for 500 sep. hours mostlikely needs all new unloading augers and the tank loading auger. Rocks and sand can do a number on the combine.
Corn is not far behind because of its high yield.
The discharge beater might need new wings. The chopper and discharge panels might be cracked. The grain loss sensors probably don't work any more.

Did you look close at the concaves and separator grates? Anything bent there tells of rocks and slugs. Any chips out on the threshing elements? Any bumps on top of the rotor covers?
How are the rotor knives? Are the tailboard fins straight?

Pull the plug at the engine bell housing. Any oil? If yes it needs a new rear main seal and gear case input seal. Some last 1500 eng. hours, others much longer.
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