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Re: case??

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Re: case??

J.I. Case bought International Harvester's farm equipment division in 1984 or 1985. The first changes made to the Axial-Flow, was the new 1600 Series, something IHC had already planned before their acquisition. Yes, this caused a little confusion among die-hard Case fans, as their last series of combines was also the 1600's, which ended in 1970. The Models 1660 and 1665 were their last, and both had at least a 50-52" cylinder, placing them among the top 3 sizes of the period. The 1665 was generally accepted as the "corn version" although many made it into wheat country, too.

Yes, Axial-Flows are purely of IH heritage, but I for one, still respect the addition of that Case name. Had it not been for Case, we'd have no Axial-Flows. Case was good to retain the A-F's spirit, too. The only hybrid we now see, is the 8010, which is clearly a muddled blend of New Holland, which was also a blow to the fabulous TR's who shared most of their production history with the A-F's, which only came out 2 years later.

Yes, Plowmaster, I've seen many Case combines. Yes, I am talking about the purebred variety, 600 to 1665. I wouldn't get too upset over a mere name change for a combine, as I would the combine itself. I have faith in the 8010, but it's just taking longer than most for bugs and quirks to be worked out. Once an 8010 is rolling, it's a sight to behold, from what I hear. Imagine a 2388 pumped up on steroids.

[Not trifling over name ID's]
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Re: case??

Quote:thank you admin i see it has been written!

I just don't my ship to be overthrown! No seriously anything I can do to make it a more correct place is fine with me.
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