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Re: case??

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Re: case??

J.I. Case bought International Harvester's farm equipment division in 1984 or 1985. The first changes made to the Axial-Flow, was the new 1600 Series, something IHC had already planned before their acquisition. Yes, this caused a little confusion among die-hard Case fans, as their last series of combines was also the 1600's, which ended in 1970. The Models 1660 and 1665 were their last, and both had at least a 50-52" cylinder, placing them among the top 3 sizes of the period. The 1665 was generally accepted as the "corn version" although many made it into wheat country, too.

Yes, Axial-Flows are purely of IH heritage, but I for one, still respect the addition of that Case name. Had it not been for Case, we'd have no Axial-Flows. Case was good to retain the A-F's spirit, too. The only hybrid we now see, is the 8010, which is clearly a muddled blend of New Holland, which was also a blow to the fabulous TR's who shared most of their production history with the A-F's, which only came out 2 years later.

Yes, Plowmaster, I've seen many Case combines. Yes, I am talking about the purebred variety, 600 to 1665. I wouldn't get too upset over a mere name change for a combine, as I would the combine itself. I have faith in the 8010, but it's just taking longer than most for bugs and quirks to be worked out. Once an 8010 is rolling, it's a sight to behold, from what I hear. Imagine a 2388 pumped up on steroids.

[Not trifling over name ID's]
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Re: case??

Whoa now! J.I. Case Company has a long.....long history in threshing grain. Long before Teneco bought a controlling interest and that didn't last long.

In these times we have seen many mergers, hostile takeovers and other such stuff. IH did bite the dust and my grand pa would roll over in his grave if he knew that. Case survived throughout the mergers. Now it's known as CNH.

The public brand name is Case IH and that is what the name should be here IMHO.

and of course the other brand name is New Holland and that is the name here for that brand name.

Watch out John Deere if you get too big for your britches or fail into rough financia shape some other big fish will take you over and might change your paint color to .............
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