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Re: HELP !!!!

OK then, first get permission to use the computer from your parents:) Just kidding. I use photobucket. So go to and click on "Join Now". Long time since I did that but fallow the steps. Eventually you will get to the page you can upload pictures. You can upload multiple pictures by clicking on "Add more images" Click on "browse" and find the place on your computer where your pictures are and click on a picture. After that click "upload". It'll take some time but fingers crossed you did it right and the picture will appear on the screen. Under the picture you will have a "url" "tag" and img". Highlight the "img", right click to copy. You will need both the photobucket and combine forum pages open to post multiple pictures. Come to this page, right click and paste. Lets hope it works. Click preview before you post to make sure it did.

Hope I have the right,

Take care,

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