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Re: Update Header Control Unit on 9750sts


I just happened across your question online. You have a number of choices to make a Headsight system work.

Option #1
You may update your header control board to the newest one available from JD (AH217993 = ~$750). This board will allow you to program version 5.1 (actually it will allow 6.1) so that you may use three sensors and keep your Dial-a-Speed auto reel function. if you want to double check the header control board and software version go to E01-234 and E01-235 in the cornerpost just like you did to read the voltages from the sensors. (you probably have like AH202779 and software 2.1)

Option #2
You may use your combine exactly like it is except give up the Dial-a-Speed function. Just set the header select to 'corn' -this will allow you to use the third sensor but gives up the DaS.

Option #3
You may use your combine exactly like it is and keep the DaS if you use the Headsight control box

Your dealer was partly correct - to get the third sensor to work using Option #1, you will need to change the header control board but not any wiring harnesses.

I was not there, but I suspect that the reason your combine ignores the left and right sensors is that the header select was set to flex and that the combine was last calibrated on a flex head without contour-master.

Give me a call if you have any other questions

Headsight, Inc
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