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rear hitch for 2388

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Looking for Ideas and maybe some pictures of some hitches on the back of combines. I do not want anything super heavy just something so I can pull my header behind my combine. Yes I know there is one in the Product Support Kit, but they want $1,280.00 for it, that is ridiculous! would like to use a receiver hitch, so I can take out the hitch when we are removing the sieves or doing work back there, so I am not constantly knocking my shins on it. Dont want to interfere with the rear axle pivoting either. Going on a 2388 with RWA.
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First try @ posting pics Can provide more detail if needed. 2 pieces of 3" X 5" by 3/8" angle iron. 1/2" steel plate,2" X 24" receiver tube and a couple of 2" angle iron braces.
Thanks Kabong, if you could get some pics of how it mounts to the frame I would appreciate it. Can you still grease the pivot on the rear axle with that solid plate?
Take 4" channel iron and make an L with it, the long end about 25" and the short side 10". Drill two 3/4" holes in the short side to go through the axle holes, so the top is flush with the top of the axle. Take some heavy flat steal and cut two big triangles to weld on each side of the corner. Make sure they do not interfear with the tie rod. Bolt it to the left of center on the axle, that way you can watch the header in the mirror, and it does not roll down the hill when you get off to the side of the road.

I have made this for my two 1680's and pull a 25' header all over, never had a problem.
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