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rear wheel assist

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I would like to put a rear wheel assist from a 9510 JD combine onto a 9660 STS JD combine. This would be a JD rear wheel assist. Would anyone have any input if this would work. Ron
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It will certainly work. May or may not be a direct bolt on installlarion, I'm not familiar enough with the 60 series to know what the bolt pattern is where the steering knuckles bolt to the axle.
The steering is different in between a walker and an STS. The walker has two steering cylinders and a tie rod in the back, while the STS has the center cylinder in the front of the rear axle. If the bolt pattern for the cam lobe motor yoke matches, the bracket to which the steering cylinder bolts, can probably be changed.
The hydraulic hoses to the hydrostat, where the four wheel drives t's in, will probably not interchange because of different lengths.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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