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rebuilt/reman primary gb for 9650sts

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does anyone rebuild them and exchange??? have one that is in need of some serious rehab.
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I don't know of anyone who does that.

I'm sure there are some salvage units out there, it would just be a hunt to find them. Your buds @ abilene machine come to mind.

is the ring and pinion gear bad? b/c i fthe gearset is bad you might want to compare cost of a new gearcase compared to all the parts to rebuild it.

thanks for the input, i think ill just buy a new one/reman from deere before i get a used one from salvage. more than likely i would get one that was worse than what i have.

isnt it funny how those salvage folks always try to get you to think that near new stuff is the only thing that is wrecked or burned
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priced one today from the local stealer----$3800
Is that the box only or are there other parts involved?
AH154768 complete pc gc now retails for $3210 - the price has been jacked up even since you started this thread brew!!!

at $3800 JD is really slappin it to you!!! find a better dealer!!!

yesterday i went to the dealer and just outta curiosity asked thier main parts man if deere offered a reman box. he looked and said no. then i asked how much the complete new box was and he told me $3800. i just made the comment that that was high. nothing against the dealer personally in my remark, i just said damnnnnnnnnnn. and left it at that. well he shot back at me with -----i bet shoup dont offer that do they!!!!. i said no they dont, but you can bet ur a** if they did it wouldnt be $3800.

ive owned a retail business and dealt with the public on a day to day basis. i know its not fut at times. ive never once told them that shoup was cheaper or anything such as that. heck they
know shoup is cheaper why would i have to make the comment of it. i had folks all the time comming into my liquor store and remarking about my prices and such. its hard to take i know but you just smile, take thier money and go on. i guess him making that remark is just the difference in the person that writes the check and the person that recieves the check huh
---its not his business, hes just a warm body recieving a check.

ive done an extensive overhaul on my machine and every dealer only part has came from this dealer, and specifically this parts man. i requested him because he was knowledgeable, and i knew he recieves a percentage of the sales he makes. but i have a choice and now ill exercise that right.
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why don't you just rebuild the one you have???
it will be considerably cheaper and it will be just as good.
im sure that is what will happen, more than likely. i was just curious as to what was available---worst case scenario
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