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Redball 7830

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Just took delivery of my new to me large chassis sprayer. Its the 3rd one that Redball put out of their factory. Its an 08 with less than 1000 hours and duals on the rear. From what little ive been able to drive it around it seems like a really good machine. But you cant really tell til you put it in the field. Ill be streaming nitrogen on my wheat here within a week or so.

Anybody else have any experience with these component style sprayers?

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Hey mate congrats on the buy. Versatile bought that line of sprayers an I have the sx275 looks exactly like that sprayer bar the engine an few things. An I am very happy with my sprayer have nearly 800hrs on it an no major drama just a harness upgrade needed doing. It's only 2 wheel drive but you won't have a problem in the wet thanks to the mechanical drive an I haven't bogged my sprayer in the field an I come from high rainfall an river flats. An it doesn't leave massive wheel ruts. It's a simple machine for great value an great to maintain an spray everyday. versatile don't make that look anymore they have changed the cosmetics such as front stair entrance, biggest spray cab an new controls Ect Ect. The spray pattern an boom steadiness is excellent. I've put the boom through its paces. With the gear drive your fuel efficiency should be great. I look forward to buying my next one.
Happy spraying
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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