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We have a Redekop on our 8780 XP, very, very good chopper, we are going to remove a little shielding on the spreader board to get a better spread. Bottom line--it chops really well in dry and wet conditions, no comparison to any other chopper (factory deere, case, massey) I have been around. Knife wear is not what we were hoping for, but it has run a lot more material through it in the hours we have run it than any other chopper we have had. I am sure that those knives aren't cheap either...but a guy can't have everything.

Have no idea on adding one to 1660, the Redekop is the "factory" AGCO chopper. You will really like it.

On a 1660 I might look at which requires less HP. Have no idea what your conditions are like but I think that should be a consideration on adding any chopper.

You will not be disappointed in the performance of the Redekop

my .02
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