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Removing shaker bushings

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I'm removing the shaker bushings on a 1666 Case IH. Whats the trick to access the bolt heads on the very rear and lowest bushing? I'm hoping I don't have to pull the lower sieve to hold the bolt head from turning . Also isn't 800 engine Hrs. kind of low for the bushings to start going bad?
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Air wrench.
Time not hours get to a lot of bushings.

If you are replacing any of the bushings you need to spend the money and do them all. You will just keep having problems until you replace all of the bushings so do it right and do it now while you have time. I think they recommend changing bushings every 750 to 1000 hours.
I welded a 12 point socket to a piece of rod to reach the front bolt(s). The rear bolt has a tin plug that you have to remove and re-install when done.
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