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I was working in the shop the other night and heard what I thought was the roof leaking from the snow melt. I went to investigate, since we never had a leak before and found a mess in the back of the shed. The fuel return line on our 89 R 50 must of had a little water in it and ruptured. I was lucky that I was in the shed that night, as it only leaked a few gallons out. I think the tank had probably 75 gals in it and no doubt would have been empty by morning. I ended up cutting the steel line and splicing it with a heavy duty rubber hose. My parts guy at the dealer thought it might have pressure in it when running. I disagree and think it has very little pressure, just flow. I used a good heavy duty rubber hose (NAPA transmission hose) with hose clamps, and will that hold up if it has pressure? I was thinking our old G had a rubber hose return line from the pump to the tank. If it has pressure in it, then I'll have to do something different. Also this is the Duetz engine. Thanks Greg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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