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return loss monitor on 7010

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Has anyone had trouble with return monitor? I have changed out the sensor and checked the rod that runs inside by the return auger. All seems fine. I always seem to run high returns on beans no matter what sensitivity the monitor is set on. Sometimes it shows high returns when the combine is empty. It is very unreliable and annoying because the high returns warning is going off all the time. Checked with dealer and assist came up with updating ccm 2 software to version 31.7 to fix issue. Not sure that will fix it. Anyone have similar problems or ideas? Thanks.
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we have the same thing sometimes we tried the new software did nothing. i think it is all in the sensor when we have trouble if we get out and spray it down with lube it helps for a while . it gets to be annoying i know the only thing we found was the lube deal it does help. kind of a piss poor setup if you get it figured out let me know good luck have a safe harvest
I haven't been in a combine for a year but I think you can change the sensitivity of the sensor in the pro600 monitor.
There is no sensitivity adjustment for the tailings "funnel display", sensitivity only adjusts the alarm point. You can start by making sure the rod does not contact the tailings auger trough and you can also fudge the readout by adjusting the sensor position with the slotted mounting holes.
Thanks, I will give that a try. It is a real poor setup. Have they changed it on the 20 series? Great combine, but the loss sensor drives me up the wall.
Our sensor was hanging up. I bought a new tailings sensor like the 20 series has. They changed it so it has a small bearing in it. I hope it works better. That is frustrating. I would lube it every morning. that would help so I hope this solves it.
Unplug the sensor. Our 8010 had the same issue and nothing would fix it. The combine would be completely empty and still the tailings would read 60%. So, we unplugged the sensor, and all is well.
Put 20 series sensor in yesterday and had them update the monitor and control modules to latest and greatest. Hopefully that will help. Starting irrigated corn today. Manually ran the old sensor by hand while the case salesman watched the monitor and it was definately defective. Read in the green when completely down and also in the green over half way lifted up.
what did they change on the 20 series sensor to improve it ? is the plug in the same ? let us know how it works i was going to change ours but didnt know there was any real difference. is this sensor a different design from the 09 models. thanks
Is there a reason to having a return sensor on this combine? If so what crop or situation would it be needed for. I harvest mainly corn. If I close my bottom sieve to cause high returns my cleaning fan will fill up with grain. I usually run the bottom sieve just about wide open in corn.
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