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Reversing the header height switch on 9660STS

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I bought a 9660STS this year and the manual raise/lower switch on the handle is opposite what I was used to on my 50 series. I looked in the operators manual and didn't see how to change, but I've heard it can be changed through the corner post. The reel raise/lower switch is the same way. Any help in changing this would be appreciated!
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Sometimes all those years of training Deere did to get customers used to backward controls really pays off.

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I hated it too when I first used it, but after a couple of days it just seemed just the way to go with up being up and down being down. I find it hard to go back the other way now..
I wondered how long it would take for Don to chime in on this one.
I still think that Deere had it right until the 60 series came out with those backwards switches.
Anyways, could a person switch the wires on the solenoid block?
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If you just switched the wires on the valve block it MIGHT go up and down different with the manual header height switch, but could you imagine how confused the computer would be when in automatic mode? The computer tells it to go down and it goes up instead...
Can you swap the wire on the back of the switch, ? just a thought
I remember those switches being the wrong way round (in my mind anyway) hated them, glad its now down/down up/up
if your not running in automatic mode then you can go to the valves on the side and just swap the coils. If you are running in automatic the rewireing the switches would be the easiest
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