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Right hand console adjustment

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Contrary to what the operator manual says on page 2-3 the right hand console does not adjust vertically. IT NEEDS TO! Dealer finally made two plates with holes to facilitate. Service manager did this for me after sitting in the operator seat for himself. I have had several people sit in the seat, all different heights and body types and all agreed it needed to be higher regardless of for and aft position, to sit up strait in the seat. Who is responsible for changing this stuff for the worse!
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Torn, I assume he's talking about 2100 series and up, since they're all the same. I agree with you, tim, but I would like the armrest lower. Sitting there all day makes my shoulder hurt.

Good for you.
Myself, I've experienced back surgury so good posture is important to me. It helps me counter cronic pain. Besides I was not informed at purchase that an item--(verticle adjustment of arm rest) was de-featured on this model series as it has been there since mid 1970's. Really stupid since it saved only about $1.00 in material and machining.

I wasn't trying to brag. Just making a comment.

Do you really think you should be notified at purchase of every little thing that has been changed (positive or negative) on the machine? I don't think that's realistic. And would it have made a difference in your purchasing decision?

I'm curious, though - how much did you need to raise the console? 1"? 2"? 4"?
Oh, I guessed wrong. I should know by now what happens when one assumes anything.

Now that I think about it, the armrest on the 2100s and up do adjust vertically, but only the rear end and that doesn't help me any.
Does your dealer have combine clinics during the off season where CaseIH personal are there? This is an ideal time to make suggestions to what you would like. CaseIH has become a leader in the industry and they will listen to comments that need to be addressed. Has your dealer made this aware to CaseIH? eith as many poeple they have involved in making the best combine in the market, someone has evidently made a simple change that needs to be addressed. Companies dometimes address the mechanical issues and get away from things like this that has worked for years. Understand your problem, but if ht eright people are not informed, they cannot make changes. Also ask your dealer to put in an assist issue with CaseIH. He will knwo what this is. Hope your harvest is a good yield.
I can't remember the last time I've sat up straight in the seat in a combine. Usually leaned forward over the wheel so I can see what's going on... I must be one of those "average adult males" that they use when they build these things, as I think the console height fits me pretty well.
Raised console approx. 1.5 inches, this in combination with factory lowering as console is adjusted forward seems to fit most people better. About every little thing; when you have to order in Nov. of 08 to get delivery July 09 and none are around to sit in at time of ordering and its a deletion of something that has been there for 30+ years, YES. AS to buying decision probably not but knowing would have given us more time to do something about it.

Went to combine clinic in Sept. showed book and console to district rep. and he had not realized that it did not adjust. He also offered no help. Talked to two reps at Husker Harvest Days, also unaware, also no help. Called a friend from case ih tractor division and he put me in touch with person in combine division, and I believe they are looking in to this and other issues. I have several case #s with Max Service, months old no reply. Dealer is also frustrated with assist. I agree that if the right people are informed they want to make customer happy. Problem is those people are hard to contact, both for the dealer and customer. If dealer has a poor district rep., dealer and customer are on there own. Dealers are reluctant to go over district rep. because of feer of revenge from district reps. who may get admonished but rarely fired.
thanks for well wishes. Crop is large but weather is crappy.
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