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Roller chain choice

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At the stage (almost) of putting new roller chain on my refurbed L2.

Need advice. What quality should I use. Looking at performance/longevity/wear on sprockets. I understand Diamond is one of the best but also real pricey. What about Drives. Any thoughts on Chinese made chain. Gone too far down the rebuild road to screw up on chain. Any help appreciated as always.

As an aside, anyone thinking of putting an N5 engine on a L series. PM me. It can be done but there's a bunch of considerations that didn't come to mind until I was in it up to my ying yang.
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I use Morse chain, I think it is the best quality. drives is pretty much junk. Even tho you think chain is "high priced" a good quality chain will make sprockets last much longer.
I've used alot of Daido chain, which is made in Japan. Keep extra chain lube on it keeps it cooler, lessens wear. It still doesnt last like Diamond. The biggest problem I had on my M was the fact that size 50 chain was used where size 60 should have been.
Diamond or Rexnord are your best bet, stay away from China or any Asian import. Cheaped out years ago on chains with imports cost me a lot of new sprockets that were NH pricey. Always put 2 1/2 links on any new chain, gives you some room for adjustment. For longevity on chains oil them at the end of the day,go with a good brand of chain oil. Make sure the chains are clean ,air or wire brush, before oiling.
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