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roter belt

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my very old roter belt bit the dust bnot sure I got the corect one my part number is 244422a4 i went to case web site can not find that part number my machine is a1688 i beleive a 93 why I think it is the correct belt when I back the speed all the way off I can only get the messerument on the pully is down to 67.8mm instead of 66mm the other side is defebntily working the belt allmost looks like it is going to jump off it is so far out so the other pully is deffenitly working.... any ideas i can only get it up to 700 rpm on the fast so I wonder if my belt is too short? thanks for any help
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sounds like the right belt, i believe the A4 is the heavy duty, like they should make anything but a heavy duty;) To get more speed you probably need to tighten the belt more by adjusting the rotor gearbox. Loosen the four bolts that clamp the box in place some, tighten the adjusting rod that is above and to the left of the box, the nut is placed so that you will probably scap your knuckles on the oil cooler. when you get it adjusted tighten the clamping bolts back down and your done. your owners manual should have a description of this process, and how much you should tighten.
farminflyboy thanks yes I did find out that it is the heavy duty the roter pully must have been sticking before I couldn't get it to the 66mm after running it awile it went clear down to th 50mm ranger tighten it more no problem the only issue I am having is the adjuster is not changing the roter belt proberly It will rotate a little then it will stop if you go back then it might go again for a wile threads look fine electric moter ?
are you running the rotor while you are trying to adjust the speed?, because if you don't it will start to pinch the belt and not change speed anymore. Also those motors are pretty weak, you might need to lube the threads on the adjuster.
You may want to check your "Cam Followers" those are the rollers that are in the curved slot to place tension on the rotor belt. If these have a smooth woren edge it would be trouble. H.
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