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I put a set of extended wear case ih rotor pads on a couple machines last year, one being my own. They ran fine after install, but had a noticable shake after running for a while. At the start of this season I removed all the pads off my combine to find a lot of dirt under them, some more so than others. Cleaned all the dirt out and bolted them back on in the same location that they were removed and it runs smooth as can be up to 1100+ rpm. I think that the pads just don't fit as well and there is more space under them. I am pretty sure that I will find the same thing on the other machine they were installed on. My machine has an afx rotor in it, the other one has a specialty rotor in it. I know more than a few people around that have the extended wear pads on, and have not heard of this problem. Has anybody out there run into this and have any suggestions? Thanks.
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