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rotor choice

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I have a 2388 and am considering a afx rotor, is it worth the money or should i redo my standard rotor. Dealer told me i will gain 20% capacity but i doubt that because my 8010 only has about that much more capacity and it has 200hp more and afx. So please share your opinions.
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So you have the standard rotor now and not a Specialty? 20% increase in capacity might be a bit much to expect, but I would say the difference is certainly noticeable. If you plan to run the combine for a few years yet, I would make the upgrade. It's going to outperform the standard rotor in nearly all crops.
we had changed our 2388 to afx over specialty. smoother operation, capacity, etc worth the change
You might see a 20% capacity increase in extremely tough conditions, but for the most part it will be around 5-10%. As 9700 said, the difference is still certainly noticeable.

We offer an aftermarket version of the AFX rotor that comes with all the benefits, but much cheaper. You can check it out at

Give me a call if you have any questions. (888) 61-PARTS

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