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Rotor loss in canola 2388

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Depending on the day sometimes hot dry afternoon and sometimes getting tougher in the evening we are haveing trouble controling rotor loss in canola? We are running three small wire concaves 410rpm 0-5 concave mid vains and afx rotors. We have tried a wide wire concave in the back doesnt seem to help nothing we do with rotor speed or concave helps? 40bu crop combine will take it at 4.5mph but to keep the loss down we are at 3mph? Any suggestions?
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tighened up concave, when it gets tougher, yes, slow down, canola goes thru like sh't from a goose, gotta remember its tharshed in first two concaves, vanes good shape, both rotor and transion cone, feeder in good shape, just some things to look at, scott.
I used 3.5 concave 500 rotor 650 /700 fan top sieve 12 bottomsieve 6 this year and had a good sample and lowish losses. I always find loss in canola hard to actually attribute to where loss is occuring as I think sensors are unable to distinguish between the small seeds and bits of stem. I would think in our situation most of the threshing occurs in the feederhouse and my aim is to minimize breaking up the stems and overloading the sieves. I have increase my fan speed from500 this year after reading on here the above speed was better and I think it is. Some seed is carried over with pods but I thought total losses overall was the best I have ever had.
Are you sure your loss is from the rotor?
Yes its rotor loss in tougher conditions in the heat of the day we thought there was some but turned out it was the opposite too much grinding and bits of stems must have been hitting the sensors. As far as tough conditions go tonight we are going to try rotor up to 900 and tight concave then maybey slowing down the vanes. Normally I would just shut down but we have too many acres to go and August is supposed to be our long hour month but we are starting at 10 and done by 9. Normally we get a quit a few 20hr days in this time of year. Gonna be a long harvest!!
don,t no that much a bout rotor combines but you can tray out to pull every other wire out of small wire concave
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