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Rubber Bushings

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How long should the rubber bushings on the shoe last. on our L3 we are replacing them once or twice a season. However on our L we only need to replace them every 4 or 5 years.

When we do replace them we install them dry using a piece of pipe to push them on. I did try a silicone spray one time but that was worse.

Appreciate all thoughts and insights.
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Do not use anything when you are installing the bushings to try and make them go on easier. Even the slightest thing will act as a lubricant and make them wear out faster. Gleanerman is thinkin the same thing as I am. Make sure your shoe is in the middle of its stroke when you tighten everything down. If it isnt the stroke is too long in one direction and it will cause the bushing to turn on the shaft.

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