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S-series in canola

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How do set a 680 in canola?
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This is what I'm doing currently with a S670. Rotor 450. Fan 770. Chaffer 12. Sieve 4. Concave 20. Feed accelerator slow speed. Seems to be working reasonably well.
And of course keep your ground speed down around 3mph if the canola is north of 50bpa.
S680 Rotor 550, Concave 30 - 32, Chaffer 10, Seive 10, Fan 1020, 50+ Canola 5MPH Horse power will be limiting factor. Feeder on slow. move feeder drum to Corn setting. Assuming good dry conditions
The cleaning on a 680 is significantly different than a 670. Bigger cleaning area requires a lot more air.
Thanks I'll give it a try,awful dirty by factory settings !!
They have a good optimization team at South Country Equipment that helped get to those settings. Had losses down to less than .75 BPA. Pod pieces in the sample but dockage was less than 2%. My view if the Canola sample is too clean probably throwing out the back.
If you have the split Chaffer make sure the back is closed down to 3 or 4 mm, you run out of effective air back there.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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