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Hi Forum, long time casual lurker, but I've registered to post about some electrical gremlin we found when pulling it out for harvest after buying one second hand, and none of the diagnostic messages gave us much of a clue. So hopefully if someone else does a search this can give them some pointers.

1. Roof lights would not come on while the key was on, but WOULD turn on for 3-4 seconds if the key was off and you toggled the switch a bit. (Including the grain tank lights)
2. Radio stopped turning on/didn't get power.
3. Armrest computer would complain about communication issues with the corner post display and the secondary display on start up, but all seemed to operate fine.
4. Under message center>addresses we had a couple of "unknown controllers" show up.

Otherwise everything seemed to run fine. We did have some JD mechanics out for a preharvest service and the error messages didn't mean much to then either so they just told us to ignore them (but we hadn't realised the lights didn't work at that point)

After a bit of rain forced us to pull up, we pulled out our multimeter and cable finder and found the 0012 (unswitched power) line into the cab had no voltage on it, but the relevant fuse did. Tracked the break down to the left side wire harness just above the rotor, right underneath a factory cable tie. The insulation had been chaffed through and the wire had totally corroded through. Quick bit of soldering and some heat shrink and Voila! Lights work, radio works, no more errors on startup, no more "unknown controllers" plus a couple more appeared, and our "remote software update" button on both incab screens reappeared (we didn't realise it was missing).
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