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Had an engine code flash up today. Was wondering if anyone recognizes it?

CODE SPN/FMI 4332/11

Everything seems good temps and levels wise. Stopped and shut down for a bit started back up and it never came back. Ill check with the shop tomorrow.

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SPN 4332, FMI 11, SCR system ERROR: Pumped-Dosed quantities balance error

EEM4 monitoring system has detected SCR system ERROR. Error is detected by correlating changes of urea dosing quantity to changes of DEF supply module duty cycle. DEF supply module duty cycle doesn’t correspond to actual dosing quantity. Possible causes are:

  • The DEF pressure line is blocked
  • The DEF supply module main filter is defective
  • The DEF dosing valve is blocked
  • The used reducing agent (DEF/Adblue) is contaminated
  • The DEF supply module is defective

Reaction in EEM
FC is stored and warning lamp is activated. CAN message indicates active fault.
NOTE: Present fault is classified as an emission related fault. Engine power will be reduced after a certain time defined by authorities.

First save the error log and then erase it. Restart the ECU after erasing the error log. If the fault occurs again during next driving cycle, check following paths:

  • Commonly pressuline is blocked. Remove pressure line to detect possible blockage.
  • Check possible blockage between DEF supply module and dosing module.
  • Remove the DEF dosing valve and check the nozzle of dosing valve to see possible blockage.
  • Change the DEF supply module main filter.
  • Check used reducing agent contamination and change it if necessary.
  • Check the operation with another DEF supply module to see if supply module is defective. :)

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