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For insulated buildings like machine shops, having a door that keeps heat in and seals well is very important.

Every Diamond Door comes standard with a rubberized canvas seal (covering the hinges and sealing the connection between the top of the door and the building) and bottom weather seal (sealing the space between the lower door frame and finished floor).

Our insulation package option, includes neoprene foam for the perimeter of the door.

The bottom weather seals are ribbed to prevent them from freezing to the floor of your building. They come in different sizes to accommodate fluctuation in finished floor elevation and deflection of the building.

Our doors are custom made to fit your building, engineered for a better seal. Designed to perform in our harsh Canadian winters, this door keeps heat in.

If you would like a free quote on a custom door for your building visit out website here: Request a Quote - Diamond Doors

If you have any questions about sealing bi-fold doors leave them below!
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