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Well with seeding out the way its time to get some photos from my two and a bit weeks out on the tractor, picked out some i like

shows some of our more interesting farm land!...98j not quite as steep as yours!

Making the first lap around a rocky outcrop direct sowing field peas into barley stubble

this old man kangaroo had no intentions in hopping away just raised his head and then went on sleeping!

this big dirty cloud produced a slight drizzle hard to believe looking at this!

sowing wheat into pea stubble

other side...aouto steer keeps me on the mark better that I ever could!

sowing wheat along a rather deep creek! luckily it was dry and not slippery i hate it like that!

bar following through a valley

a picture of our boom spray in action preparing the ground for barley with a knockdown spray

another of the boomspray

flat boring...sowing barley.

some old junk lying in the corner of a paddock made a nice photo from the cab

shows how dry it was getting near the end of seeding in one of our last barley paddocks sown.

another of the dust late afternoon

with all the dust thank god for this!

emerging wheat crop taken from the cab in last paddock!

when it does rain it pours!

wheat crop getting a much needed drink! germination was patchy but with the 25mm (1 inch)recieved the day after seeding was complete is starting to fill in!

will go for a drive and grab a few snaps of the crops and our lambs in the feed lot hopefully this weekend as i have promised for a while
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