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seeding way to much canola

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I run a 2003 concord 2300 air cart - cereals no issues quite happy.

I have seeded canola with success in the past but this year cannot get it to apply correct amount. Calibrate for 5 pounds an acre - go seed and its putting down 10-15 pounds....

I changed seals - my canola roller is tight in its slot

i conclude the fan is pulling canola out of the tank somehow - i cannot figure it out how.

My fan running at 5500 rpm (putting lots of fertilizer down so i need wind) check ground no canola is cracked

completely stumped...
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I'm not familiar with that setup, but are you running single or double shoot?

If double, then you probably need restrictors in the primary seed lines. A heavy rate of fertilizer puts back pressure on the fertilizer primary lines, while 5 lb of canola creates very little restriction in the seed lines. If the tank is pressurised from the fan (looking at pictures it appears to be?), air will want to flow out the tank, through the meters to the path of least resistance, and this would be the seed lines.

The more fan RPM you use, the pressure difference becomes greater between the restricted and unrestricted lines, so the airflow and rate changes differ more

If single shoot, forget what I just said :D
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