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seeding way to much canola

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I run a 2003 concord 2300 air cart - cereals no issues quite happy.

I have seeded canola with success in the past but this year cannot get it to apply correct amount. Calibrate for 5 pounds an acre - go seed and its putting down 10-15 pounds....

I changed seals - my canola roller is tight in its slot

i conclude the fan is pulling canola out of the tank somehow - i cannot figure it out how.

My fan running at 5500 rpm (putting lots of fertilizer down so i need wind) check ground no canola is cracked

completely stumped...
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Make sure that 1 inch line that pressurizes the tank isn't plugged off... I have a quarter of canola that's half 10 lbs a quarter 5 lbs and a quarter 1 lb because of that
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