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separator jack shaft drive

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started to work on my old 1688 decided to run the rotor make sure all living critters were out one way or another before I pull the rotor out ( I spit out a giant snake one time so I always run it before I clime in one that has been setting at all) anyway i couldn't get the rotor to go any faster than 790rpm... so I adjusted the rotor gearbox so I got the correct distance 66.2mm with the rotor speed all backed off ran the speed up pretty much couldn't get any more speed while messing with it the separator jack shaft pulley got hot can't fig out why? The belt has very few hours on it but something must be messed up with my separator jack shaft drive pulley ...bearings? thanks for any help i am going to measure the distance between the pulleys on the jack shaft see if that is correct
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did all the measuring even tried to line up the jack shaft more square no matter what I did I can't get it over 790 rpm engine rpm are fine both pulleys go in and out fine like there suppose too... do not know what to do next help
is motor binding or switches miss aligned , make sure belts and sheaves are good on jack shaft, rotor sheaves will bind, bad rollers or spring, assuming belt is good, if it won't go over speed your telling me, would look at somthings first, gonna take two folks, will be ovious, scott.
finnally fig it out! it was the speed senser sprocket thing had a couple bent teeth so senser wasn't picking them up so it was only reading about 80% of them bent back and all is good. boy do I feel stupid..
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