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separator plates for 9750

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anyone ever use separator plates on the rear concaves? our 9760 has them. just curious on whether or not to get a set
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How many rows do you normally run? I just got a 9760 and need some insight as to what to do as a rule of thumb.
You shouldn't have to choke an STS with those filler strips. Thats Deere's fix for inadequate threshing components. If you run an extra narrow wire front concave like the PF Parts you should never need those strips. Then you still have separating room without allowing whitecaps through. Also block the huge gap above the right concave support bar. This will stop whole heads from falling onto the precleaner. The last step would be to run better elements like the PF kit. Their 9 larger elements replace the 15 small ones. They use less power, run smoother, thrash better, and allow wider concave clearance which equals more capacity.
Hey Greentech, help me out. Whats a PF kit. We run 9760's and are always fighting whitecaps and unthreshed partial heads. We are usually in high yielding, high MOG durum in dry conditions. TIA
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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