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Setting up '98 R52 for drought stricken corn

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My corn this year is horrible in NC. I missed almost every rain for 6 weeks when I needed it most. Sad thing is I can go 20 miles and see some of the best corn I've seen in years. Oh well....
I have been told about a corn retention ring for my R52 before and my dad was not going to let me put one in or try anything different. But me and him both know this machine will be spitting out a lot of those small kernels associated with poor corn and we are eager to stop as much of that as we can.
Does anyone know the part number of that retention ring? Also I have been told to do away with the reverse bars, but that seems in my head that would make it push it out even faster. Please explain
BTW the corn started getting all the rain it wanted right after it was too late and now looks ok, but the damage was already to great.

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Run with your shoe wide open, do your cleaning with the chaffer and turn down your wind til the sample gets dirty. When I picked drought corn a couple years ago I put some filler bars in to help keep the cage full of material. Since you have a narrow body'd machine you may not need filler plates but thats what I did.
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